Getting Started On Your Project

Welcome to Perpetua Iron, we are pleased you are interested in our custom fabricated iron work.

The first thing you should know is that we custom fabricate everything. We do not have anything on a shelf ready to purchase. Don’t let that scare you, we are experts at making your ideas work for your home or business the way you want them, no matter your level of knowledge.

Once you send us some basic information, we will send you a proposal, at no charge! We often produce custom drawings of designs for customers with a commitment to a project. We ship our products and work long distance.

Let’s get started:

Each product gallery page has a link as its first image called “How To Order” and that will bring you here, except for mailboxes which has its own page. Prepare as much information as you can but don’t worry if you aren’t sure about what to send us; we will walk you through it.

  1. Let us know what category of projects you are needing, railing, gate, a mailbox, etc.
  2. Our site has many pages of past projects you can use to get ideas for your new creation; we recommend you look through the category you are interested in and write down the numbers from products you like: "Gate 24" or "Decorative Railing 16" and "Railing End 9." You can also send us a Pinterest* board link if you have one.
  3. Gather some basic measurements, height, width and depth of the project area.
  4. How soon do you need this completed?
  5. If you have drawings or other images, please send them along in your email. You can also send us a link to a Dropbox file or other similar service.
  6. Let us know who you are (a contractor, home owner, architect,) where the job site is located, and how to contact you.
No Problem at all! Here is our email address:
or click this link if your browser is set up to open an email program:
Yes! Our phone number is: 314 753-1805

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